Keeping Your Car In Top Condition

Cars are not designed to only be looked at by an expert once every few years. Imagine if that was the approach you took with looking after yourself? Maybe there is something to be said for newer vehicles, and older cars definitely need more upkeep. However, once you start clocking up some serious mileage it’s definitely worth thinking about how to maintain your car and keep it in good condition. After all, if the value starts to drop, this is costing you money. Repairs might even be needed sooner than you think unless you’re careful, but to begin with let’s look at the cosmetic details.

Number plates

Whether you have a car, motorbike or another type of vehicle, road legal number plates are essential. You have to ensure their design matches exactly what’s required by the DVLA, so if they’re damaged to the point that the number itself could be obscured, it’s vital that you can them replaced immediately. You can get cheap car or motorcycle number plates custom made by an online supplier and have your replacement plates sent right to you, which is usually better than paying an inflated rate at a garage.


Here’s something simple that may be obvious to some, but probably not all. You’ll want to ensure any scratches or marks are dealt with sooner rather than later. Not only does a fresh coat of paint look much better than a damaged surface, paint also protects the structure of your vehicle from damage. Scratched-off paint leaves your car exposed to the elements, which is never a good idea. See if you can patch up any parts yourself, or take it to be done professionally if you’re not confident.


The inside of your car is as important as the outside, but often people neglect it completely. It’s important to make sure it’s always kept clean, the seats and fabrics are not stained or damaged, and all the electronics work including the radio (and CD player, if your car is retro enough to include one instead of a 3.5mm audio jack!).

Of course, keeping these elements in top condition is important, but you’ll need to ensure your car is actually safe to drive, too. Read on with our next article to go over all the essential things to check aside from the aesthetics.

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