How to get the most out of salvaged car auctions

wrecked car

Salvaged car auctions operate similarly to the way other car auctions operate, with one notable difference. Rather than buying a car that is whole, auction-goers are bidding on cars for their scrap or rebuild value. These are cars that may have been deemed not repairable by insurance companies, or they may simply be cars that have reached the end of their serviceable life. These cars are usually from commercial vehicle body repair outlets. They usually have parts from HGV, vans, and car accident repair works. This makes it doubly important to properly research the vehicle you plan to purchase to make sure that it will suit your needs.

Auctions always open the gates to the storage yard a few hours before the beginning of the auction to allow attendees to inspect the vehicles they are considering purchasing. Take this time to look carefully at the vehicle and make certain that it meets your needs. If you’re buying for repair parts, you have to remember that they aren’t returnable if they don’t work. The used car parts will only be worth the scrap value of the metal they contain. If your car parts are deemed beyond salvageable, there are companies that scrap cars for cash. At times, these companies can even pay more than what you would have gotten for selling parts.

wrecked car

You won’t be able to purchase individual salvaged car parts from a single vehicle. If you need a water pump or a spare tire, you aren’t going to find deals at an auction. When you bid, you have to consider that you will be purchasing the entire vehicle. This does, however, give you the opportunity to get extraordinary deals on plenty of used car parts. Consider that if you pay just over scrap value for the vehicle, you’ll be able to remove the parts you need, and then sell the car shell to a scrap yard. Sometimes you can even find Yamaha motorcycle parts and other major manufacturers like Triumph, Honda, Suzuki. These token brands ensure that even if sold as used, they maintain their high quality.

When you bid on salvaged car parts, it is easy to get caught up in the auction’s action. This could lead you to overpay for a vehicle if you aren’t careful. Stick to your budget and know what you need when you walk through the door. That way you’ll be able to get the best deal possible.

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