How To Check Your Vehicle Is Safe

Previously we covered the main elements you need to look over if you want to make sure your car looks great and retains its value over time. These are all the cosmetic features to focus on, but what about what’s under the hood? It’s extremely important to at least have your car checked for all the following by a professional, even if you personally don’t really have a clue about keeping your car in full working order. Here are the things to watch out for which could potentially end up costing you a lot of money in repair bills if you don’t keep them in check as you go along.


Tyres simply wear out over time in many cases, unfortunately. There are actually legal requirements for how worn out they can be before you have to replace them. Sometimes they can be damaged by other causes, though, including simply being the wrong sort for your vehicle. Make sure the pressure on your tyres matches the intended PSI for your car, as this will allow you to handle it better and consume less fuel in some cases. Obviously it’s essential to check for cuts and punctures in your tyres on a regular basis, as driving with one can be highly unsafe.


Over time, your battery may become corroded which can be potentially dangerous, and is certainly likely to lead to costly repairs being necessary. You should try to ensure you don’t completely run the battery flat, as this isn’t good for it in the long term.


Essential to keeping car in full working order, oil levels need to be maintained or you risk damaging your engine permanently. It’s common for people to run their cars without enough oil, and many people don’t realise that you should ideally check the level once a week.

Additional fluids

Aside from oil, various fluid levels need to be kept up for your car to work properly. These may include windscreen cleaning spray, de-icing chemicals, engine coolant, fluid for power steering and others.


Obviously, when it comes to safety, you need to be in full control of your vehicle which includes stopping when you need to straight away. If you have even a tiny issue with how your brakes work, you urgently need to get them looked at. Brake fluid is another area to check along with the other liquid levels mentioned above.

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