5 Tips To Prepare For Your Driving Test

driving testIt’s one thing having a passion for cars and driving, but it’s another to be legally qualified to take to the roads yourself.

It helps to have an interest and passion for it, but really there is no substitute for being properly prepared when it comes to your actual driving test. The practical examination especially tends to be the subject of nightmares for many people.

However, there are a few things you should consider doing to get yourself as ready as you’ll ever be to take your driving test for the first (or second, or third, or fourth…) time. We spoke to the experts at Norfolk driving school Smart Pass to compile the most helpful driving lesson tips for students. Here are our top five.

1) Don’t rush into your test

Sometimes it’s tempting to book your test as early as possible so you can take a shot and see if you have a lucky day. However, don’t forget that it takes nearly 70 of hours practising and taking lessons for the average person to actually pass. Lessons can be expensive, but not as pricey as wasting money on a failed test and having to book more lessons just to maintain the same standards.

2) Know the rules of the road

It’s not that difficult to learn the theory of the Highway Code, and it could save you in a practical examination. Just because you’ve completed the theory test doesn’t mean that all that knowledge goes out of the window.

3) Practice near your test area

In most areas, you will have a good idea of what test centre you will have to visit when it comes to the day of the practical examination. Generally your examiner will not take you too far away from here, so it’s vital to keep practising your skills around the local area, especially any notorious roundabouts or junctions because you can guarantee your examiner will expect you to handle them.

4) Know the common pitfalls

It’s very common to get minor faults on your driving test for not checking your mirrors, failing to make observations, signalling mistakes, poor clutch control or even driving too nervously. You need to try and keep all of these to a bare minimum.

5) Don’t let nerves take over

The important thing is to remain calm and in control. If your instructor thinks you’re ready to pass, you should have confidence in your own ability. As long as you’ve done everything you can to prepare, bring all your required documents on the day of the test and keep a clear head, you should be able to succeed. Good luck!

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